Meet Our Team

Joshua van der Merwe

Founding Director

Josh has years of experience in the field of IT and has exceptional business acumen. His job is to ensure that all projects run smoothly, that our clients are happy and our competitors aren’t. His other responsibilities include but are not limited to: web development, advertising campaign management, online marketing, operations management, strategic planning, staff development and upholding performance & quality standards.

Cretia Kruger

Sales Manager

With years of experience in the field of sales and marketing, Cretia brings unparalleled insight to the team. Her job mainly entails market research and analysis though she also  helps our prospects and clients make informed decisions. She is usually the friendly voice clients hear on the other end of the phone. Furthermore, Cretia is an extremely creative person, her out of the box thinking frequently assists us in gaining a fresh perspective.

Bronwin Eksteen

Junior Front End Web Developer

Holds the record for consuming the most caffeine at work. When he is not drinking coffee, he’ll either be studying web development or  he’ll be writing content. As one of our fastest learners, we often allow Bronwin to assist on our smaller projects. Dedicated, hard working, disciplined and respectful are just a few of his traits and apparently he has a sense of humor…



Infinity Online Solutions (PTY) LTD was founded by Samuel Joshua van der Merwe in November 2013.


We are a full service Web Development and Online Marketing company. We Specialize in Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords Campaign Management, Social Media Marketing, Logo Design and Corporate Branding, Local Listings, Email Marketing, Website Hosting, Domain Registrations and more…


Professionally Designed, Goal Oriented Websites at Affordable Rates. Easy and effective Search Engine Optimization Solutions. Convenient Google AdWords Campaign Setup and Management.

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