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Keyword and Trend Research

We take all the keywords the client has provided and analyze them. Through thorough analysis we will find Related or Better Suited Keywords, Average Monthly Searches, Average Bid Estimates, Statistics Related to the Keywords Past Performance and more. We then do Research on the Niche/Industry Relating to the Client’s Website to find out what Search Engine Users are Searching for. (Trends) We will then use all of this information later on to implement and manage our client’s campaigns.

Analysis of Client Website Data

At this stage we will analyze the client’s website data for relevancy relating to requested/provided keywords. In order for ads to perform well and be accepted to enter an auction on Google AdWords, the ad needs to be relevant to the keywords provided. Relevancy is needed to provide the search engine user with the most accurate results pertaining to their search query. It also helps the advertiser to pay less, when the ad is only displayed to the relevant audience. Once the analysis is complete we will give the client a full report on our findings Free of charge. This report may include tips on enhancing certain pages to be more relevant to the keywords provided, as well as reducing load time, enhancing website appearance and more.

Campaign Implementation & Management

We then use all the above information to create the client’s campaign. We set options such as Location and Language Targeting, Ad Scheduling, Keyword and Negative Keyword Implementation and more in order to target the most relevant audience. We also create the ads themselves. We usually take the provided ad copy and implement it. We may make minor changes in order to ensure optimal performance for our clients. From there on we monitor the campaign performance and make adjustments when necessary. We also send out campaign reports to our clients on the first business day of each month.[/horizontal_tab][horizontal_tab title=’Budget Management’]We manage strategic bidding, allocate funds to different campaigns and ads where necessary. At the end of the day, our main goal is to maximize the return on investment for our clients.

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